Website Malware Removal Provides Security Tips

When you have been notified by your hosting company or Google that your website is shut down, you may be wondering why your website has been hacked. There are many reasons but hacking websites is usually for profit. Because WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, it a desirable target for hackers especially when it is easy to enter a site. Some typical reasons that sites are hacked is because they have not been updated to the latest version of WordPress. When a major security vulnerability is identified, WordPress rolls in an updated version. It is the owner’s responsibility to update to take advantage of increased security. Other responsible measures include a strong username and password that is not easily identifiable. When an owner uses “admin” as the username, it is a serious mistake. Hackers are then given an advantage, by only having to determine the password.

All plugins and themes should be updated to the latest version to avoid hackers from entering through backdoors. Not having a firewall or a security plugin puts your website at a disadvantage and should be corrected immediately. Choosing a top level hosting company is an important security precaution as well as choosing plugins and themes from reputable companies. Limiting user access to important to maintain site security. Only when it is absolutely necessary should individuals be allowed to enter your website.

Unfortunately, websites do get hacked. If you are a victim of unscrupulous criminals, visit this company to clean and remove the infectious code, to get your website back online.